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I came across Rupali when I was looking for a bridal henna artist, but never did I imagine that she would become such a crucial part of my wedding.I met up with Rupali a few months before my wedding as I have allergies and wanted to do a patch test before my big day. She wasn't just professional, but was very warm and had such a likeable personality that we quickly became friends and in the coming months, she was my go-to beautician. She perfected my eyebrows, gave me wonderful facials and even got me ready on my wedding day. She did such an impressive job draping my kanchipuram sarees and spent the day with me as I had 3 outfit changes. For my Henna party, Rupali created the most stunning henna designs I have ever seen. Watching her apply Henna it is clear that she has mastered the art of Henna designs. The level of effort and detail she puts into her work is highly commendable and much admired. I would highly recommend Rupali as both a beautician and a Henna artist as she is highly qualified and always professional (and she's got a great personality too!)
***Rekha R, Garnet Valley PA

Rupali did an absolutely amazing job on my bridal mehendi. Our wedding had a peacock theme so she included lovely peacock designs! I never expected to receive such beautiful, intricate mehendi for a wedding in the U.S., or find someone willing to come to our small town in Delaware for the mehendi party. We were so wowed by Rupali’s stamina and energy. For our mehendi party, we ended up with almost double the number of people than we expected who wanted henna. Rupali stayed at our house for something like 14 hours, doing beautiful designs for everyone from the first to the last person who sat for her. Rupali was such a pleasure to work with. It was very easy to coordinate with her for our event and she was so friendly and helpful to everyone – in spite of being bombarded with questions and requests once the party began :) Rupali is an incredible artist, but also an incredible professional and she really helped make our mehendi event special for our family and friends.
***Neeta N, Wyoming DE

Hi Rupali! You were really wonderful at our celebration and your henna art is beautiful. I have gotten so many compliments on my henna! And your name is well known among people who have inquired about my henna.It was so wonderful that you stayed so late to put some henna on my in-laws. The books that you brought were very helpful, and everyone was very complimentary of your style and speed. I also really appreciated that you used only natural ingredients that you prepared yourself. The intricate designs you came up with so quickly were beautiful and I was very proud to be wearing such lovely art at my wedding. I did not touch water and used olive oil throughout the first 24 hours after the Mehendi party and by Sunday morning the henna was sooooo dark! It was the darkest I think I have ever seen it. Thank you again for your lovely work. I can't wait to do something like this again!!
***Ellen Y, PA

You did a great job with the makeup and hair!  I especially loved the henna, which was so intricate.  Would recommend you to anyone that is having a wedding soon!  Thank you so much for all your help!

***Janki T ., DE

Thank you so much for your services. Your henna designs were absolutely beautiful and you were very accommodating, knowledgeable, and friendly. I will recommend you to everyone!
***Akriti M., MD

Rupali was a pleasure to have at our home. She was kind, patient, and fun to work with. Everyone had a great time looking through her henna books and she listened to what designs everyone wanted. My bridal henna came out fantastic. Many of my family members and guests commented on how intricate and beautiful it was.
***Sapna G., DE

Rupali's work was not only professional but beautfully done as well.  The henna was of superior quality and the designs were unique! All of my wedding guests thoroughly enjoyed their time with Rupali and their Henna lasted for weeks!  I recommend Rupali to anyone looking for a professional, creative, and reliable Henna Artist!!"
***Sheri, PA

Rupali ,Your work is amazing. I was so impressed with your work at my best friends wedding that i told myself that I will have you do my wedding henna. Not only did you do my wedding but also my engagement. Thank you so much for  making my special days even more special. It was wonderful working with you. Thank you for taking my suggestions and working with me to create a design that I loved.
***Farhana, DE

We met Rupali at a music festival and were so impressed with her work that we saved her business card for years in order to hire her for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. We originally thought it would be a fun for the young teens, but her work is so beautiful many of the adults were lining up for designs as well. Many of them had never had henna work before but were so impressed by the skill and detail of her free-hand work that they had to give it a try. For weeks afterwards I was receiving e-mails from guests raving about how many compliments they received  on their mendi and how long the designed lasted. Even with all the crowds and children at this event, Rupali was always professional and polite. We couldn’t have asked for a more talented, patient, and kind person.
***Bari, MD

Rupali and her assistant "made" our mehndi party! They were so professional, quick, and SUPER creative. Many of the women who came to the party had never had mehndi done before, and they were floored at Rupali's talent, kind manner, and speed of her designs. Myself,  mother, friends, and family enjoyed themselves so much that night and we have so many lasting memories from it. All of the ladies loved to show off their mehndi at the wedding and to their friends and colleagues. Her prices were also very reasonable. In addition, when my mother and I got our mehndi done the day before the party, we had so much fun together with Rupali who showed off her one-of-a-kind designs on our hands and feet while being the perfect host! I will recommend her to anyone that asks. 
***Rana, PA

I reallly like Rupali's work.  I had my bridal henna done by her and was very happy with the results.  The best thing about Rupali's mehendi is that she uses natural products for making her henna and does not rely on chemicals to enhance color.  She is really skilled and dedicated to her work.  I love her designs & would highly recommend her to everyone.  I recommended her to many friends & family and all of them had a very positive experience with her. 
*** Swati, DE

Rupali is a very likable person and an excellent artist. We met at one of the community events she attends. She is very professional and made me feel at ease.
Rupali's henna artistry is beautiful! She does all of her work "free hand" and never uses a stencil to create this unique body art. I always get many compliments on her work each time I get a henna tatoo. The henna designs lasted for 2 weeks and the foot henna lasted almost a month. Thank-you Rupali for wonderful work. I look forward to getting many more!"
***Christine, Newark DE

Mrs. Rupali Langote's skill as a henna artist is unsurpassed. Each design she has created on my body (legs, hands and feet) has been exquisitely detailed, proportional to my body's dimensions and drawn compliments wherever I go. Even at the lux department store Nordstrom's on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, a saleperson stopped me to inquire about the design travelling from my ankle up to my knee. In a haute couture environment like that, I was pleased to accept (on her behalf) his admiration. I would recommend her services for any occasion, and when the weather permits you to show the designs off, get henna done for every day!
Rupali consults with you before hand on what your desire is, has many designs you can also choose from, draws the art with an easy skilled hand, only uses completely natural materials, makes the henna paste from scratch, and advises on immediate post-care to make the design last as long as possible. Well worth the money to shine a bit of who you are for all to see. Parties of Rupali's henna are especially fun to do. My friends have enjoyed the experience with me several times. Go for it! It will make you feel happy and special. That is worth a lot!
***Joan G, Washington D.C.

Rupali is a best henna artist I have ever come across, I met her at one of the music festival in July 2007,
since then the first activity I do at the event is to get my henna done before her booth gets crowded. I always get many compliments . My henna tattoos lasted almost three weeks. Can't wait until July.
***Catie, Philly PA

I highly recommend Rupali as a mehendi artist, She is very professional. She did henna for my son's mehendi night and all the guests were very happy with her work and the color, thanks Rupali!
***Meenal, PA.

Rupali did henna for my daughter's birthday party, my daughter and all her friends were so happy with her beautiful henna on their hands. Excellent work!
***Amy, Wilmington DE