About the Artist


My name is Rupali Langote, born and raised in India. Studied Masters In Computer Management.  Art is my passion since my childhood  and being born and raised in a business family I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I am a self taught henna artist, did my first henna may be at age 8 or 10  and practicing this beautiful traditional art for my family members and neighbors since then. 3 years after moving to USA , in 2001 I started doing henna professionally. While doing bridal henna in Delaware and Pennsylvania area, many of my clients requested me to start offering bridal hair, makeup, saree draping/dupatta setting, skin care etc to make one stop for the brides. In 2010, I decided to go back to school  and get training and license in  skincare and makeup. Since 2011 I am offering Skincare, Makeup, hair styling along with henna professionally.

I offer henna for all kinds of events- from Bridal henna to Bridal showers, Baby Showers, Prenatal Henna, Festivals, Eid, Diwali, high school/prom night and college events, Karva Chauth and many more. 

About the Art and Henna Stain


 We have ensured that all our clients receive an excellent and safe service by using only natural henna powders and high quality essential oils and natural ingredients. Natural henna is a beautiful, it is a painless form of body art full of rich tradition in various cultures all over the world. Henna (also known as mehndi) is produced from the leaves of the “henna plant” (Lawsoina Inermis). The leaves contain a red dye called ‘Lawsone’, which essentially leaves the radiant red stain on the skin. Dried leaves of the henna plant are crushed into fine powder, the powder is sifted, and then mixed with a variety of ingredients such as essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree etc.), lemon and sugar to create a smooth paste.  

Henna is 100 % natural, safe and temporary! We do not use or encourage the use of ‘black henna’.